Our Group Held Dragon Boat Race in Office

date: 2018-07-27 hist: 331

Dragon Boat Festival, the fifth day of the fifth month of the fifth lunar month, is also the beginning of the Dragon Boat Festival in the middle of summer.The Dragon Boat Festival is a traditional Chinese custom for more than two thousand years.It was originally a festival for ancient people to ward off diseases and epidemic diseases, but now it has become a manifestation of folk culture.





There are many activities on Dragon Boat Festival,for example,eat rice dumplings,Dragon Boat Race,Drink realgar wine.

Now,the sense of ritual has faded,what can we do to celebarete the festival except eatting rice dumplings.As somebody else’s company,we never lose!




Then,Please open your eyes,the Dragon Boat Race in office  will make a brilliant appearance.The rules of the game are four people, two men and two women.Planing group have really samll ideas,like drinking cola,eatting eggs,gnawing ice cream.All I can say is:Well done!

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