Our Group Older Children Celebrate Children's Day

date: 2018-07-27 hist: 343

The children's day is coming, and everyone is singing happily.Why can we lovely uncles and aunts still spend the holidays so natural? We are not afraid of envy when we say it!Cause we are spoiled by Sellers union group!


Early in the morning, everyone blew up!The sweet troubles are one after another.



“This jump circle game is so hard to play”,“The white rabbit creamy candy is so sweet, and it is sticky”.“No one plays games with me”.Ask me quickly!What really happens?Calm down! We just gave a hada's snack, a couple of bags of Hijiro jelly, a couple of small raccoon snack noodle, a jumper machine ... typing is so tiring.We look at the picture and talk well.



Do you really think that we just sent some snacks and little toys? No, no, no, We send memories of childhood to all grown children.Thank you very much, my little sisters in logistics. Look! We've been working all day!



There are all the toys, and the leader also said: today you play, I didn't see it, so hurry up and have a good time!Of course, Of course, we are all very good to play during the lunch break. Friends who haven't had time to attend, go home and take your little baby and feel the fun of childhood together.




Remember our baby talent contest a few days ago, and the result is announced!The votes are very close!Congratulations again to the adults of the following babies. The mysterious gift is yours!


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