A Perfect Cooperation with A Customer by Five Years Ago

date: 2018-07-26 hist: 338

At the beginning of October 2013, I was told by my superiors that I would take over a customer in the Yiwu market to buy accessories. The annual purchase amount was about $500 thousand. I was not so excited at that time, because the department even had 500 thousand dollars of customers at that time.


I also remember the customer sent the product picture of the purchase before coming to visit. It estimated that there are five hundred or six hundred items. We beat them out for the market. After that, we know that these products are all the products that customers want to return.At the end of October of this year, the customer X arrived, and we immediately entered the market "battle mode". In October, the order customer was basically a return list, and the customer had saved all the returns on the mobile phone. We just printed all the pictures and brought them out. Finally, we confirmed the latest prices in contrast to the paper pictures and the factory.


Generally more professional jewelry customers will make their own brand paper cards, as I used have operated this type of customers. But the customer X has more products, so he needed more styles of corresponding card, and there are a variety of bar code formats (with euro, no euro, textiles, etc.), so far there are more than 30 cards and 8 bar codes. I remember that on the first day after the end of the market, we had an easy chat with our customers. We understand that the original customer has been in Yiwu for ten years, and has been working with a company before. But because of the company's late card and bar code is not in place, the customer has a few orders suffered huge losses, the final customer decided to terminate the cooperation with them, instead of choosing us. Therefore, I would check every card carefully, and I would arrange all the bar codes to print and check them and distribute them to the factory. When the cabinet comes into stock, our experience tells us that some factories lost their original barcode in the later stage, and the barcode format was wrong. Therefore, when checking the quality and style of the products, I will check the paper cards and bar codes again to ensure that they are safe.


Because of the customer's product had a lot of styles, and their visit time is limited, plus the customer's own temperament, he has high requirement of efficient work, as fast as to the first day of the new single plus return is expected to write more than 800 goods number, four days a total of about eight hundred thousand euros. It's still a little exciting when I recall that I would apply for the contract amount to make the order.After more than a month of grinding and production, the shipment was finally shipped in January 2014, and the value of the first cabinet reached nearly $200 thousand, and the value should be a record at that time. With the untiring efforts of me and purchasing colleagues, the shipment volume in 2014 was gratifying, more than 2 million US dollars, and the customers were satisfied with our service. 

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