Honesty Is An Intangible Asset

date: 2018-07-26 hist: 329

Today into a Christmas enterprise, just into the company's first factory, a good faith factory in the industry -Dingli Christmas Arts and gifts Factory.

Entering No 10 storefronts,11th building,at 601 No North Chouzhou Road, you will see variety of products but in clear classification. We began our interview after a warm greeting from the boss.


In 2007 year, because of the children study,the boss had given up selling in the field,and  returned to Dongyang to start a new business . Under the influence of friends' advice and local conditions, they chose Christmas products. In Dongyang Xier Road, he found a 500 m2 old house as their production base and warehouse, and began his Christmas business road.


The so-called "everything is difficult at the beginning", a strange industry, a strange business practices, let them have a little confused at first. so the business is very poor in the first year,the number of staff is not large, machinery and equipment is not perfect." There is even the idea of giving up. The turning point came in 2008, the boss learned about Alibaba and set up 1 storefront at 601 North Chouzhou Road, The Business began to flourish, doubling the annual output value in 3 million in 2008. and The number of workers has reached more than 20 person.


In the same year, our Group company, also started to do business with them. The first contact with them was our two old colleagues. Now these  2 colleagues are both senior executives of the company. "At that time, your company gave us a Christmas order worth about 100,000 dollars. In terms of value alone, this order was still relatively good for us at that time, but the special problem was that there were more than 100 items, each item only one or two cartons, and the shipment was very very limited. for these problem, I  and my wife also had been hesitating to answer it, but we also heard of our company at that time, knowing that your company is a relatively large and growing enterprise. This is a very good opportunity to open up cooperation with your company. After considering in lots, we accepted the order.With the joint efforts both of boss and the workers, when the delivery date came, we did not lack a piece of goods and finished the production smoothly, but it was easy to grind, because our factory was not big, when the goods were inspected at warehouse door, and suddenly it was raining cats and dogs.


It was quite a mess,so it was fresh in my memory" boss said. and "these two colleagues told me:I really didn't think you could do it in such a bad way. but you did very well.and finished within such a rush period.i was so happy to heard that.I replied that since we had agreed, we will try our best to give you good quality and complete quantity, or not we will not agree". If you say yes, you'll have to finish it as well. I think this is the integrity revealed in their bones!


Through this cooperation, the door of our company and Dingli also opened, but they opened not only the door of our company, but also the door of the whole Christmas market by his integrity and honesty, as the business of the factory changed in 2008. Over the past ten years, they have established their own foothold in the industry through their own integrity.


Ten years passed in an instant. They had grown from around 1 million a year at the beginning to around 15 million now, with more than 60 workers at their peak, and products sold all over the world in South America, Europe, Southeast Asia and Africa. At present, their Alibaba is not actually in operation, and they are not attending any exhibition. Most of their customers are old guests and new guests recommended by old guests, because the boss proudly says that the guests are more trusting of them. So in developing customers,they reduced a lot of costs. This may be the answer to the phrase, "honesty is an intangible asset."


The boss said that from the very beginning he worked with seller group and now has been placing regular orders every year. It is mutual trust all the way that has made the relationship between us today. Finally, the boss also wanted to take this opportunity to thank seller group so many years of trust, hope that seller group to do bigger and stronger. At the end of the visit, I asked the boss how is the term for the payment? He said it was almost a month or so. I said "you had not cooperated, and your company had just started. Can you accept it?" The boss laughed and said, "can you run away only a hundred thousand dollars for a big company like yours?" In fact, we can also deeply understand their trust in us by words, and thank suppliers such as Tingli Christmas gifts for their trust and support all the time. Integrity is not only a great strength, but also an intangible wealth for us to grow healthily and healthily!


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