Our Group Succeed in Holding Outward Bounding

date: 2018-07-24 hist: 312

Physical and metal development course is Sellers School customized for staffs who are going to be a permanent staff from temporary. According to the feedback from before participants, the activities can be strengthen be more difficulty, as we all know, we named it as physical development, it should be more challenging and exciting. And for this time, the Coach changed some coursers, The 1st day, it planned to walking along the road for 20 kilometers, totally 38 particiants divided into 4 groups, they walked and finished 20 tasks during the journey which constant on 7 hours.



After the activities, we interviewed the participants, they still have great impressions on that journey,  it’s really a deeply experience for that, I am not regrettable for joining!



In fact, I am not willing to join that original, but when finished the journey, Iit become so meanful for me. Through this training course, I realized in future I need more exercise, It feels I just like a old man. There are so many tasks, it’s a pity do not have enough time to get contact with more nice grils.



Through this new experience, all participants have been trained physically and metally, there is one particiant from Union Vision informed that, He just returned back from army, so this training course is very easy for him, also there are some other partners required, it’s really a difficult journey as they walk through the mountains, a map is really needed. So next time, we will prepare maps for this kind of activities.



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