Our Group Invited Suppliers to Take Part in“Wild Breeze Activities”

date: 2018-07-24 hist: 341

This time we organized ”Wild Breeze” in Tashan, Shuanglin Buddhist Temple in Yiwu. In order to combine the theme of Children's Day, we have specially invited the children from the suppliers to attend. The participation of the children kept the laughter on and off in the car. The entire bus was fulfilled with crisp voice of the children and it was very lively.



After the rain, the air in the mountains was particularly fresh, but the mountain road was also more slippery and rugged. Safety is the first, especially there were many children, so the "Wild Breeze" team walked slowly. I also looked back at the situation of the defense team from time to time. I thought that the children would be "small oil bottles," but their energy was unexpectedly strong, ran in the forefront of the team so fast, leaving behind the the parents,who called tired again and again. When they saw the rubbish between the counrtry roads, their handling attitude was very resolute, even a can of ring cannot be let go.This determination to protect the environment makes us adults feel ashamed.



It's really hard to climb to the top on the mud with full of big bag of garbage on the hands,

Then breathing returned to normal after a short break,at this time, it was found that although Tashan cannot compared with the Five Sacred Mountains, we climbed to the top of it step by step it feel that the view below the mountain is also unique.



In President Xi’s thought of ecological progress, “Lucid waters and lush mountains are invaluable assets”. Although our strength is small, it is also a kind of support. The heart cannot help but feel the charm of "Wild Breeze" and the cultural heritage created by enterprises.



After we went down, we brought the children with toy cars which had already been prepared earlier, everyone was cheering ”what a wonderful day”.


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