The Expeditionary Army of Sellers Union Group Fought the Canton Fair

date: 2018-07-24 hist: 393

Since 2014, Mr. Wu, the director of Green Time, attending the Canton Fair every year. For him, the Labour Day is not a holiday but a festival for getting more business. We always say that if he is not at the fair,then he’s on the way to the fair. He has not stopped for a rest for several times during the Labour Day.



Joy Zhang, a new girl joins in Union Home. It’s a new face for this Fair and Sellers Union Group. As Joy said: To be honest, I’m a pre-Sellers’s seller. The company kindly offer me this chance to attend the Canton Fair even though I’m still an intern. I’m grateful for giving me such courage to try,to challenge,to be creative. (Offering chance for young people is a tradition in Sellers Group)



And the same to Daisy He,who works for UH for just a year,it’s also the first time for her to attend the Canton fair.Accompanying with this big family,it’s always energetic. She wants to express her gratitude: Ending up a busy day with a happy group photo,leaving a whole day’s memory. The day is tough but worthy. Many thanks for every experienced colleague,encourage me to try everything.

Sarah Zhou and Dale Lou attend the Canton Fair for the first time as well. SUPER EXCITING is their deepest impression. They said that: It’s a new attempt and challenge for them to display bags professionally. Leaders and colleagues collected many samples with new styles.We arrranged the exhibition from 10 am till 8pm.Samples were well organized and the booth looked great! We were ready to fight! Hope we could get more orders,especially big orders!

Mr. Tao from Ningbo Union, has get used to business during holiday. This time,he participated in the Hongkong Fair with Ms. Hong. Finishing the Hongkong fair, they started contacting with clients immediately with endless enthusiasm and energy.



The purchasing manager Mr. Yang from Do Well, has been busy collecting samples with 3 more colleagues for more than 2 months,even not stopping during the holidays in order to entertain their old client who has cooperated with them for over a decade from Canada. They totally prepared over 20 series,more than 600pcs samples.



Working during holidays is normal for foreign traders. Many customers come during The May day. Though we work in holidays, customers’ enthusiasm,encouragement and trust color our holiday.Fighting! foreign traders. We are so young,we need to struggle for success and give no chance for regret ” said by Coco Zhou.

Mr. Cao from Ningbo Union,He wrote an article<HOME TEMPTATIONS>. He said that: he led customers for over 10 days, they went to the Canton fair, Foshan,Dongguan,Huizhou,and Shantou. They went to many factories,collected many infomation,and placed many order in every city as well. He learned a lot and missed home missed home deeply.



Canton Fair is during Apr. and May, in this period, there are many customers. So we are very busy in this period. I have worked for this company for many year, I have take the company as my home. I like to clean here just like I do for my house. We feel happy when customers are satisfied with here, aunt Chen said.



Mr. Cao from Ningbo Union is making inspection at the warehouse. Every item need to be record. We ask him why he always stands while doing inspection, he response with smile: we cannot sit, but just stand when do inspection.

The weather has getting quite hot in May,and the ground temperature has up to 30 degree.Many friends had a busy holiday during the May day,some people go to see flowers, go to the beach,and seeing the view of people flood. She think she make a wise choice to stay and avoiding the busy time. I can go and see the colorful world when people all back to work, said by the duty stuff at the warehouse.

Drivers’ words: we can serve well no matter the distance is 1km or 100 km. See us, we are not boasting.

There are still a group of people working at the office during the May Day. You see, there barely empty seat.

At the end of the holiday,we salute to every worker who stay at their position! And the fighters at the Canton Fair, you work so hard. We hope you did a good job and back with great harvest. 


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